October 11, 2008
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Light and insubstantial
I am pollen in the cosmos
A grain of sand
Sifting through the fingers
Of the gods.
I am a leaf, a butterfly, a man
Reborn again and again
Until I break free
And find understanding
With the gods.
My heart will be pure
And guide me
Through the rivers
To fields that are forever green
I will pass on after this life
Once I appease the gods.
Chosen am I
To be watched over and loved
And protected by Him
The one true God.
And I will think and ruminate
I need no revelations
But reasoning will
Enlightened I have become
In my views of God.
For I have evolved over
Millions of years
My genes naturally selected
To what they are now.
As we become
Pixels in the cosmos
Passing through the fingers
Of the digital gods.

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