Wild Ride

August 22, 2013
The roller coaster is Mt. Everest high!
Could you ride it on your own?
Others claimed that you would die,
That it was impossible to go alone.

Rushing past with madness,
Contemptful of their scorn
Though you knew it might end in sadness
You took chances you might mourn.

Screeching along on the track,
Too late, you dug your grave.
Now there’s no way to turn back:
This is what you get for being brave.

Bracing your spirit and breathing your last,
Gritting your teeth you took the hit-
The fear that flew by was over fast.
Instead-unbelievably-you enjoyed it.

Embarking on a wild ride,
Adventure is all you seek.
Alone! With no one by your side
Fun is at its peak.

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