Canvas of the Sky

August 22, 2013
The morning Sun paints
With colors so quaint
An ivory, cream, fawn
And violet dawn

He tints the air
A rose so pure
Streaked sunbeams flare
Across the azure

Then he fills with light
Swelling at noon
Making day bright
A warm, balmy June

Then the Sun grows weary
Heavy with gray
His rays grow dreary
Toward the end of the day

Half-hidden he sinks
and the blushing sky pinks
Smothering fires
As the day expires

A brilliant yellow
Surrounds an orange glow
Like a bright halo
Rings a hot coal

As the Sun diminishes
The Moon, she finishes
His work of giving out light
But only at night

The Moon, the Sun's bride,
A white orb with a white veil
Works with the stars’ guide
To stream out moonlight so pale

The Moon, she listens
As the stars glisten
Her children are blissful
But her face is wistful

For the night is lonely
Nocturnal animals only
She hears the wolf's howl
and the hoot of the owl

Everyone else is asleep
The moon has to keep
Watch over the silence
With the stars’ alliance

To pass the black night
She tints the ground with white
It glows solemnly stark
With shadows so dark

She paints with care
Slow strokes precise
Her light remains fair
‘til the sunrise

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