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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I love you.

I should say that more.

I love you, but I can’t be around you anymore.

When you laughed when I came out to you, I hope you knew it hurt.

I love you; it’s true.

But it’s hard to be around someone who doesn’t accept you

It’s difficult to manage, and yet, not reflect it

I love you, and this is why it hurts

It hurts because you matter

And what you say has weight

You claim a psychiatrist will “straighten” out my head

“This isn't how I raised you!”

Well, that is where you’re wrong

This is how you raised me.

I am yours, am I not?

Please, stop with the laughter.

I wasn’t joking when I said she wasn’t just my friend

Dearest Mother,

I love you.

And that is why I’m leaving

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