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My Problems

My problems are that I give up when it becomes too hard,

I quit when someone else is better,when they have the best card.

I can’t take my own advice,even when it’s recomended,

Because I hate everything,but my writing seems intended.

I hate kids who are perfect while I drown myself in books,

I hate the very “hot” kids,

for they only see their looks.

Another problem,as you may see,

I have no self confidence,only self pity.

I complain and argue because I’m never right,

I even hate things while I dream in the darkness of night.

I can never win,because I haven’t got the key,

I can’t even find the right lock,no door to victory.

I know no one cares,but I’m writing anyway,

because writing is the only way I know,the only things I can say.

I don’t have nightmares,I only have dreams,

dreams of what could be,but their too good to be as seems.

I am not athletic,I am not artistic,

I am not academic,I cannot even follow statistic.

I cannot sing,I cannot cheer,

I cannot leave,for i am still here.

My wings are clipped,as you can see,

no one ever stops to think about me.

I am not brave,I am not strong,

And I know that this list is getting quite long.

I am just writing,but I don’t know why,

because I am not the best at it,and I wish I were the sky.

The last thing I will say,for I must flee,

My biggest problem,I wish I were anything but me.

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