In Searching for Simplicity

August 21, 2008
In searching for simplicity, intelligence, understanding, and a more comprehensive sense all that is to be found is complexity. I am filled with frustration at an inability to uncover someone to understand, vast and complex, the thoughts my mind has hoarded. All that have been discovered have been unable to relate. I hope to encounter someone who will neither lack maturity nor be filled with the self pretense of a current generation. I wish to find someone to answer the questions i hide, but no such person has yet to show me a sign of the ability to comprehend or understand these thoughts, having been converted over time. The thoughts I have are in searching for an explanation in its entirety of all that is undecipherable. I aspire to perceive details of the simplest as well as the most complex ideas. This may help me to feel the emotions I can only sense distantly, something to help grasp the meanings of the abstract thoughts that consume me. As in finding this I will hold the ability to distinguish reality from false conception. My subconscious is now beyond mangled with no visible sign of extrication, no clear site of release from entanglement. This may offer an explanation of life and the purpose of existence beyond the ideologies of the individual have beens of our past and will bes of our future. The complexity I hold beneath my thoughts is compacted. The words available to convey the thoughts I hold are minimal in comparison. My dream is to be shown a new knowledge, a new meaning, and a new existence. I welcome any person to stupefy me, as none other have had the aptitude to. I wish to discover this individual, as I wish to be left in a state of awe and amazement.

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