Little Child

August 27, 2008
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Little child, do not be afraid
Thunder’s roar, a harsh serenade
Lightening’s flash follows thunder’s crash
You quiver and shake
At nature’s slightest mistake
Combat of water and wind keeps you awake
The harass of rain on the glass makes your ears ache

Little child, do not cry
Ignore the sounds coming from the sky
It’s alright, because on this night
Yes tonight, it’s just the rain
Falling on rivers and land
On ocean’s water and beaches’ sand
Please wipe those tears from your eyes

Little child, don’t be deceived
That hollow sound you’ve misconceived
Is just the whistle of the wind through the trees
Outside your window, those monsters you see
Are just the shadows of wind-stricken trees
The echoes of clouds cover the moon
I promise you, it’ll all be over soon

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