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The Price of Silence

The world is a big place
Full of dangers hope and fears
One of the biggest dangers is bullying
That’s something everybody fears

There are a few main parts
You play one out of three
You play the bystander
The one who never speaks

There’s a boy in your science class
Who’s called stupid and a dunce
You act like you don’t know him
When he’s all alone at lunch

Then there’s the girl in back of the class
The one who never speaks
Your friends always push her around
And constantly call her a freak

What about the boy you’ve known for years?
You’ve been friends since second grade
Why do you joke about his clothes?
And even call him names?

What you bystanders don’t seem to know
Is just what your actions do
They know how much you affect them
But you don’t have a clue

The boy people called dumb
Who was teased for small mistakes
Filled his bag with rocks one day
And jumped into a lake

Remember the quiet girl?
She’s an artist but her story has a twist
The paintbrush is a razor
And her canvas is her wrist

The boy you’ve known for years
Who was supposed to be your friend
Went home from school one day
And never came back again

There are many people like these
And what they all posses
Is a sense of pain and suffering
That drove them to the edge

You could’ve stopped the teasing
You could’ve stopped the fights
But you stood by in silence
And now you’ve paid the price

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