My Decision

September 13, 2012
By , Dover, OH
I breathe in the cool night air
As I stand on this old bridge
I grip the rail and peer over the edge
At the river below; the moon is reflected there
Even on this night
It is a breathtaking sight

The ever-present pain that never goes away
The countless fights
All the sleepless nights
But mainly my self-loathing has led me to take my life this way
I just want it all to end
For I no longer believe happiness is just around the bend

Just as I step up to straddle the rail
A though crosses my mind:
What will I be leaving behind?
Must negativity always prevail?
Why should I end my life out of envy--
Because I don't resemble the models on TV?

Three years later, I am sixteen years old, and my wounds are healing
Something changed inside me that day
Looking back, I'm glad I walked away
Depression is being replaced with a happy feeling
Now I have a fiancée who loves me
Even though I don't look like the models on TV

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