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Finding Love

Is it the glint in your eyes
that carries me away..?
Or the fuzziness of your smile
that can't possibly lead astray?

Is it my hammering heart
that bursts "you're the one"...?
Or the whispers in my head
that holds back the long-run?

Is it the fact that I am lonely
and need those cuddling arms...?
Or the claim that I am ugly
and need your lifting charms?

Is it the flaming aches
that shoot right through me
pointing desire
to prove you are truly?

Where this love is leading to...
should be considered
in order to move on
and not just be delivered

for this love could be negligible
and unfortunately fake
and fake all dies
but leaves pain for one's sake

so all should watch out
and beware deadly parts
because: ifs and does
can freeze hot-blooded hearts

and when love is truly there
there is no contemplation
opening once-jammed doors
like happiness and liberation

love's presence leads to passion
that both will learn and share
and cause the stir of wonder
why reasons were never there.

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