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Let it rain...

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Let it rain,
Let it be, the sky’s teary day.
Let it pour it’s heart out,
Forget the pain.
Life has those dreary days.
Rain will drop, hard and fierce.
No care and no fear.

Let it rain.
Let it be, the sky’s chance to let go.
Let it be free.
Free to fall. Free to fly and run wild.
Let the air be washed away.
Fresh new start from a grim day.
For now let it go.
Let the rain roar out its emotions.
Let it show you what its been through.

Let it rain.
Let it be, let the sky turn gray and scream.
Let its soul roam free.
This gloomy day is only temporary.
It takes time to recover.
Let it be its time to shine.
Time to darken and combust from anger.
Let it roar until it’s free.

Let it rain.
Let it be, the sky’s chance to let it all drop.
To let the rain fall and lift the weight.
The pain will find its way out,
Happiness is nearby.
Let it cry.
Just let it cry.

Let it rain..
Let the sky empty its heart from all the fear.
From all the hatred and the sadness.
Say goodbye for just one moment.
Let it pour. Let it drizzle.
Let it rain once more.

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