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The Lamp

Whenever you're writing poetry
It helps to know of a lamp
To shed some light on the subject
To give your rhyme some amp
It helps to know of a tree, too
That can supply some of your need, who
Whenever you've need of some paper
When your supply begins to taper
Can call on its friend the boot,
To run to the nearest commute
And grab some off the shelf
With the help of Santa's elf
Who fled from the North Pole
With the help of Nat King Cole
(He was visiting his old friends the Claus
For no particular cause)
Perhaps to gain some leverage
While climbing atop Mt. Everest
Or to gain some extra presents
To give to the poor old pheasants
Who are poor because of their king
When he flung them off like a fling
So they were doomed to stay in their camp
Wait, wait, wait....back to the lamp
So I'm rewinding to reiterate
On this you must, must meditate, (if you will)
You must always have a lamp in the camp
Or at least a good source of light

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