April 12, 2012
Dreams drifting in the wind
Moonbeams dance, and mermaids sing
The Night is filled with many things
That go bump, and make bells ring

The werewolf stalks his clueless prey
Under a light pearly gray
Their stories disappear by day
Only in Night may they play

Snakes locked in eternal fight
Brought to life by the light
The full moon shimmers bright
Glowing throughout the Night

In darkness, Nightmares scream
Cloaked in moonlight sings a dream
Plunged in flesh, cold steel gleams
While lullabies flow from the stream

Flowing freely, blood of life
Quickly coats a hand and knife
Starting centuries of strife
Hidden by night, a person lithe

Through the seas, selkies swim
When dancing, shed their skins
Bathing by moon, living by whims
Their laughter over brims,

A merchant sleeps through the theft
That will leave him bereft
Through the window, a hand deft
Retreats, nothing left

Dreams tangled in the wind
Moonbeams fade, while banshees sing
The Night is inhabited by many things
That go bump, and you they sting.

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