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If Only They Knew

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Everybody blames you,
Everybody looks at you with disgust,
Everybody sees you as the devil
Everybody wishes you were the one who was dead.

They don't know why I did it,
They don't know why I killed a man
They don't know that he wasn't human.
No he wasn't Human!

How could such an evil man be called human?
How can they say that I'm worse than that, than him?
Now they think I'm the evil one, that I'm the one who should rot in a cell.
Now they think that I'm the one who deserves to be in hell.

No they don't understand,
they don't understand what he did,
how I saw him take away a life when I was a kid,
how I saw his murdering eyes strike my mum,
how I saw him kill my neighbour's son.

They say nobody deserves their life to be taken away,
but he does, he did.

Now Im here in this cage,
Now they see me as a murderer.

If only they knew the things he did,
If only they knew how he lied,
how so many people died.
If only they knew that all the children who went missing was down to him,
If only they knew that i was one of the children who he chained,
who he hurt,
who went missing.

If only they knew he was no doctor at all,
If only they knew he was ..
my uncle

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