Eternity Away Forever

January 16, 2012
Let the agony fade,
Fall from the anguish.
Let the sadness languish,
And the fear evade.

Stand here with me,
Your fingers in mine,
Let our bodies align
And our hearts be free.

Step forward and back,
Sway from side to side,
See beauty abide
In the restraint we lack.

Place your hand in mine,
Follow me to a new place,
Where we move at our own pace,
Dancing until we resign.

There is nothing we need
But each other here.
There is nothing to fear,
Or any rules to heed.

Something elemental
In our souls resides,
Something deep inside
That tells us to be gentle.

But in this place we'll go,
We need not feel this way.
We can paint a brand new day,
Like two a young Rousseau.

There is no need for show,
No need for appearance,
Or to display adherance.
Nothing now is apropos.

It is all over now,
The fear..the pain..the choler.
The town colored by squalor,
Its grasp we won't allow.

Let love stretch and swell
In the silence between us.
You-me, and I-you can truss
In feelings deep as a well.

Nursing your wounds,
Caring for your hurt...
More bleeding we can subvert
Until we have lost doom.

There is little left
In this world to care for,
And I know we'll shut that door
And with it shut out the rest.

It's only you and me,
Together on our own,
Until we're fully grown
And past until eternity...

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