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Moral Dilemma

The gavel in my mind is pounding
The moment of truth has arrived
I must my declare my verdict
No resolution will be easy
My moral dilemma
Is a complicated puzzle
Love? Or culture?
Which to choose, which to choose?

Filiopietistic parents
Siblings who put their future
In God’s hands

I’ve always felt that way.
I’ve always complied with the rules of religion
But this one is just impossible
My kin all tell me to
Rethink my priorities
But isn’t passion number one?
We cannot be
Yet it feels so right
Her and me
When, will I see the light?

Emma, tonight I’m leaving you
But you should know, this flame is true
Because of different religions, these emotions must be nullified
But the force of my parents still isn’t justified
Goodbye and farewell Emma
I’ve solved my moral dilemma
But as I had foreseen
It wasn’t easy

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