January 27, 2012
Sliding down into my seat,
your stupid lies slithering down my arms.
Poisoned words slowly decay,
burning tears scorching bruised flesh.
You say I'm a poser, a fake,
telling me I'm unworthy of living.

You know, you're wrong in all honesty, I'm the real one.
You're the one deluding yourself,
falsifying friendships and "art" with threatening words and plagiarism.
I don't wish malice on you,
no, I enact a blind eye on your idiocy.

Sure, I know I may be stupid,
but at least I'm true to myself.
I relinquish all hatred and individuality,
while your incredulous glares destroy.
Vittu sinua, danke mein freund,
your crap is finished, good bye.

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