Signs of the Christmas Times

January 13, 2012
When is it Christmas?
How do you know?
It isn't cuz of your list,
or the snow.

There are some signs,
Beautiful and memorable
Signs of the Christmas times.
Signs of a baby com-memorable.

First is the nativity--
The stable and manger,
The angels' activity,
The baby in danger.

Second the Shepherds--
The sheep in the fields,
The star in the heavens,
The staff that he wields.

Third are the wise men--
Searching the stars,
Great gifts to give if they can,
but they must travel afar.

Fourth is the promise--
Of a savior to come,
God's wonderful promise,
To give us his son.

These are a few,
Of the signs we remember,
But there are some new,
That we use in December.

These begin with a tree--
A triangle of green,
Three in one it can be,
Reminds us to grow as a teen.

Next are our sweets--
Striped red and white,
Blood to save us as red as beets,
To be the color of snow we might.

Five letters of the name is the key--
Christmas is about Christ,
Not about you, an X, or me,
But the Greek letter X is also for Christ.

Then the carols we sing--
About Jesus this child,
Every verse in every last hymn,
Who led a life not mild.

These are some signs of the day,
The day meant to celebrate,
The boy while we may,
Who, to save the world, paid great.

Now some people say,
Christmas is about giving,
But can I say if I may,
Christmas is about living.

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