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The sun went down and the shadow of the night came;
Dark and dark, same and same.
Then a pale blue ray shone down to earth,
Till upon a beech tree it came to berth.
Through the dusky emerald leaves it poured on down,
Till it alit upon the fabric of a silver gown.
Softer than the breeze and gentler than a feather's touch;
And how that touch meant so much,
As formed and fell soundless silver tears,
Reflecting the pale moonlight like watery mirrors;
Each diamond droplet catching a glint of the beautiful light,
Before falling and becoming lost unto the night.
A dainty streak slips through the clouds,
Which are as dull and grey as buriel shrouds.
Sliding through the crystalline glass and over the window pane,
To the bed where someone should have lain.
Instead, she sits on the floor with sparkles in her eyes;
Eyes such a mysterious blue to resemble the night time skies.
Slowly spreading, a smile does start,
As she hold some joyous secret inside her heart.
A caustious ray drifts past the pond reeds,
Knocking to the sandy ground the withered seeds.
Some unknown stone shatters the surface of the water glass,
Ripples reflect the light as they spread and slide on past,
To the grains of speck-sized gemstones, illuminated in the moonlight;
Treasures yet unmeasured and unknown, hiding in the night.
But jeans and sneakers kneel in the mud, someone all alone.
Only to her, an over-shadowed face, are the secrets of this place really known.
She listens to the singing of the reeds, causing ripples with her hands,
As she sits on the bank seeing the stars and counting the sands.
A brilliant moonbeam shines above the sky,
Lighting up a brilliant white, the clouds drifting by.
With the twinkling stars above and a sleeping world below,
The moonlight shines with a silver glow.
And high up by the stars, the moonbeams dance in the night;
More beautiful than the stars, outshining their far-off light.
Dipping close to earth, shining over the lake,
The heavy darkness their eerie light does break,
Glowing with mysterious beauty unrivaled on the ground.
Only in the night can such beings ever be found.
On the tips of their toes, they travel across the silent land,
With the wind and owls as their symphony band.
As they dance, the crickets and the stars join in also,
Singing as the moonbeams dance with all that they know.

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thatgirl99 said...
Dec. 18, 2012 at 7:05 pm
Your use of figurative language and rhymes results in a beautiful piece of poetry.  Well done. I would appreciate if you could check out some of my work on this site.  Thank you.
brax34 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 23, 2012 at 3:35 pm
I definitely liked this!  Too often rhyming in poetry becomes more of a hinderance unless you're good at it.  You are very good at it! 
RedFeather replied...
Mar. 7, 2012 at 7:51 am
Thanks. I consider this one of my best poems so far, but it took a really long time to write because of the rhyming. All I know is that the secret behind rhyming is to be willing to put time into it and not get frustrated too quickly.
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