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Solutions and Questions

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There are times when we think the solution for something is not that far away and the only reason it is hard to find is because people are stubborn. When your problems are at all sides what are the answers when there is no way to get to them. We don't always know what is coming but we hope for the better that all say is to come but in all reality over the horizon is always another problem waiting to be solved. What is your destiny? Do we know? Some say that things happen for a reason but what if you can't find that reason. What if there is no reason behind anything we see or do in our everyday lives? People say don't ask what if for you don't always want that answer, but I am a person of many questions others never think to ask. I want answers to my questions but since no one ever thought to ask these questions are there really any answers to them. Ask yourself these questions. And I know you will have a different perspective on life.

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