November 4, 2011
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Amid studies of German tongue, something in me has bolt and rung,

of blind excitement is drenched this hard and strong fastidious hemp rope,

I write and read but focus not, my mind's flower begun to rot,

the black letters severely blot, ought with its sound I should cope,

I begin to listen quiet, fraught with bitter like green soap-

- I'm a sad and violet dope!

Actresses I see in my blind, how perversed and cruel is my mind,

Victoria's Secret supermodels swim within my ill head,

they dance and move in lovely ways, they wreak and smell of my decays,

caged singing fluttering bluejays, days of sorrow stalk my stead,

standing still in my ill quiet, ways vicarious made me bled-

- Bled until my heart is dead

I find bliss in shining blue eyes, a bliss that seldom thinks but sighs,

of slender hips of hourglass and prominent chests I think a-daily,

and a dance to satisfy me, and these two eyes that cannot see,

but the superficial goody, moody shall their insides be,

I stare the doll I stare it hard, woody as a heart can be-

-Growing not, it cannot see!

Entwined bodies stimulate me, and I wish not to be set free,

Time devoured by my sick thinking, time devoured by my ill head,

Guilt prevents true happiness, and happiness just makes me less,

Erase my head and lock my heart, apart from love and far in dread,

I clean this mess but not inside, all of love tells me instead-

-“Shame on you!” that's what she said

Songs of love keep my insides sane, they burn from hail they smell of rain,

artists feed on my sorrow, but I care not I've fallen a slope,

Shakira's walls look just like mine's, and in her songs I reach cloud nines

Impatience seems to slow down times, rhymes and sound shall make me cope-

-only this black envelope!

I weep and mope my solitude, see not your love nor pulchritude,

I'm all alone and that's the truth that's why I stare at everyone,

I feel entrapped in these four walls, I want you here I yearn your calls,

And all alone I start to crawl, all is blank and all undone-

-I have not the space to run!

An d in this swirl I see a face, and how I long for her embrace,

that love we want that love we yearn, I know she stores inside her eyes,

and memories I start to see, she is seldom fantasy,

I recognize intimacy, he wasn't false his name's “I”-

-who failed to see and didn't try

And then I wonder what's a friend, and what is real and what's pretend,

to juxtapose and then to fall, to build and break and then to laugh,

to hold her hand and say three words, to sing and dance like early birds,

these thousand souls they come in herds, nerds and jockeys famed and staff-

-and many hearts they come in half

I go to school but what of love, I see it all but not the dove,

to get degrees to be set free, to live a dream and happily,

to get the green and get the home, for now these visions are of foam,

hand me a pen hand me a poem, comb my hair I'll climb this tree-

-where at the top I'll be set free

Yet watch the world and you will find, it's not so well it's not so kind,

I saw a man he killed a man, he killed a girl and antelope,

the hate and violence rape and hurt, the love for things that aren't of dirt,

he worked so hard without a shirt, earnt a simple cantaloupe-

-he cannot sing he cannot vote

To feel the Sun and feel its truth, to touch my chest and feel it soothe,

Berry trees and huckleberries, peace and quiet bring me merry,

to run and breathe this lovely breeze, to feel the Earth devour me,

to fear the most the sound of bees, these thoughts of mine think “cherry”

to love the wild and love you back, very sweet is this cherry-

-free of sin and all dreary

To question God and question death, to wonder every single breath,

halos, wings, and saints and light, comfort me upon their sacred sight,

I'm lost inside this mystery, unwitting as upholstery,

where comes the juice of this berry, fairy I've not seen your flight,

purpose of truth, purpose of love, weary too of needless fight-

-fight in life to reach new height

I lose to none but only time, and with these seconds passes rhyme,

in history we're but mere dust, stardust that dwells and then it grope,

it clung unto and formed our souls, and now we're born as empty bowls,

we're falling down these endless holes, tolls of pouncing sins that lope-

-lope upon a dreary Pope

And in the eyes of Stephanie, I reach a gold epiphany,

this wild desire I don't understand, upon understanding, I don't understand,

her eyes contain my sacred dreams, and wandering truths or so it seems,

and with my heart forms lovely teams, beams of something in my hand-

-ungraspable as fine sand

And still my heart it beats for her, and mind and heart they now concur,

her perfect face her perfect world, it beats for this wild fantasy,

I want her love I want its love, and loving back become a dove,

that flies into a great above, cove of truth at last I see-

-see inside of Stephanie

Amid studies of German tongue, something in me has bolt and rung,

I stand for I believe in her, that simple crush I've now garrote,

And with her lovely hailed presence, I fathom this golden essence,

I break this invisible fence, hence I won't accept a “nope”,

But that I stood is all that counts, whence I thought and then I wrote-

-wrote of Hope! of Hope! of Hope!


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