October 13, 2011
I’m lying on a sunny beach
I stand and strain my eyes to extend their gazing reach
The water is a see through blue
I’m used to looking at the ocean and having not a clue

The water reaches for the beach with a cleansing swoooooosh
Cleanse me, and all my sins from me push
Make me new, and a stranger to fear
Please come to me and thus adhere

I feel warm from the sun and safe in my mind
All I could ever be from now on is kind
There is no threat for me to worry
I rest in peace and desire no hurry

I am happiness
And it is quite obvious
My eyes are closed
And a smile on my face has lazily posed

Bathing in my new found bliss
Walking on the beach towards me is the beach’s accomplice
She is tall and dressed in white
Her hair is blonde and her face almost emits light

She was sent by the beach to make me new
Like a mother with love with which to imbue
I run to her
Knowing her embrace will erase my hurt

She is taller than I am
My head is buried in her chest like the forsaken lamb
She hugs me back with her strong arms
Her hold on me slowly warms

Slowly my reaction of happiness disappears
Tears come to my eyes and play with the light like mirrors
The pain deep inside me comes to the surface
Lapping my face like the painter’s brush on canvas

This sadness does not hurt
Only externalizing what, when kept inside, feels like dirt
The tears turn into heaving sobs
My hands grasp her robes like an assailing mob

She comforts me with repeated strokes of my hair
“I know it hurts but you will be alright; just let me take care”
My tears leave long stains down the front of her clothes
It seems so long ago that I was actually able to breathe from my nose

I had to ask “Are you an angel?”
“No, I was once just like you and my life was of many pages filled”
“What was your name that you were once known in?”
“It was so long ago but my name was once Golden”

All the pain I once had inside me is now gone
The future for me is now a new dawn

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Lexie96 said...
Oct. 22, 2011 at 6:49 pm
I like it, but maybe you could try it without all the rhymes. Overall it was pretty good, think maybe you could leave me some feedback on mine sometime?
HateKnuckle replied...
Oct. 25, 2011 at 10:03 pm
Thanks for the feedback. I don't usually like my stuff that doesn't rhyme and I just stay away from it all together. I will definitely check your out.
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