April 3, 2008
Do you believe in magic? he whispered to me
There wasn’t an answer besides no I could see
Psh- abracadabra and wizards in hats?
But then again…
Maybe there’s more to it than that
Perhaps there exists-
Yes, that’s it
There is a magic within a child
That causes even strangers to smile
And there’s also a magic that makes
Enemies work together, for survival’s sake
So neighbors unite for the good of all
And never let even the littlest fall
Magic makes you stop for that man on the street
Who goes unnoticed, though he’s there all the time
You wouldn’t have bothered either
But magic changed your mind
Magic is in the quiet boy in the back of the class
Who never has anything to say
All of a sudden he finds his voice
And becomes eloquent one day
For her
Likewise magic turns that other kid
The one who’s always heard
Into someone who’s hesitant
And stumbles on his words
There’s a magic in the falcon
As she dominates the skies
And a magic that’s reflected in
The beauty of your eyes
I do believe. I do
Nature may make this world go round
But magic stops it- just for me and you
So the sun always rises
And never sets
The rainy days are the ones we forget
Yes- that’s it
I believe in magic. I do
There exists this magic of love
And I see it every time I’m with you

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