Everyone Has a Sibling

March 29, 2008
By Hannah Oexman, Carthage, MO

Everyone has a sibling
That outshines them in everything
Singing, writing, sports.
Anything and everything.
You name it
They are better at it.
In my case it’s my older sister.
She is better at everything than me
At what we both love to do.
Siblings just like to have their own thing
And be great at it.
It’s called sibling rivalry.
My sister excels more than me
At all the things I love
Or loved to do.
Like volleyball
Theatre arts
Especially writing.
Writing was “my thing” for a while.
It was something she didn’t do.
Then she came along
And stole it away from me
Just like everything else.
I feel out done
And overshadowed
By my sister.
I just want to be good at something
She isn’t.
I want my own thing.
My sister is everything I am and not.

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