September 11, 2011
By JaquambiaC. SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
JaquambiaC. SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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You were right there in front of me and now that you’re gone I don’t know what to say
We shared times that I would never forget
Smiles and memories that will never fade
But truth is in the back of my mind I wonder how I ever let you slip away
If I tell you how I feel would you come back or would it all be too late
afraid to say I love you
Because I felt it was too early but I learned a long time ago
Your heart has a mind of its own and feels what it wants
The heart feels the three words I LOVE YOU

Way before they ever come to our mind or leave our lips
The only thing playing back in my head is how this all happened so fast
Now I see that you were here the entire long while I was out looking for something else
But when I finally realized you were here I turned and you were gone
I can’t help but to think will I ever see you again
And will even matter
Will the last time truly be the last time we share our loved
Oh, what I would do just to have one more chance to have you to myself
Even if this is the end I will NEVER say goodbye
I always believed goodbye was forever
So I will say see you later
As I see you leave I realize that no matter how far we both go I will always have a part of you
So you will always have to come back and say
You still have it

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