The Glint in Your Eyes

February 27, 2008
By Victoria Bleiweiss, Dauphin, PA

You left.
There's no other way to put it.
You had to stifle that glint in your eyes.
So you run outside, and don't come back.
You leave me alone to worry, you leave me alone to cry.

For days on end I worry,
For days on end I cry.
One day you waltz in proud of yourself,
And the glint is gone in your eye.

A week passes with a normal housecat,
But one day I see that it's back.
The glint in your eye is stronger than ever.
And you wait by the door to get out.

A few months pass and I'm used to you.
Used to your comings and goings.
But one day you don't come back in.
You wait on the porch, and mew for me,
you don't stop until I carry you in.

From then on it's a fight to come inside.
You prefer the porch instead.
The house is no home to you anymore,
You've become a feral cat in your head.

Little moments at night I treasure,
The ones we spend on the porch.
You sit and purr, as I write my songs.
These evenings are too short, never long.

One night you come home hurt,
You have a pained look in your eyes.
There's a cut in your back, bloody and deep.

You bite when we try to clean it.
You limp away sore and unclean.
The next night you let us touch you,
But we all know you'll never be the same.

One night a few weeks later,
You don't come home at all.
I sit and wait, I stand by the gate,
but you don't come home.
Eventually I give up, and I accept fate,
but there's always a glimmer of hope.

Your name dots my conversations,
your face inhabits my dreams.
Eventually I give up, and I accept fate,
but there's always a glimmer of hope.

I guess that glimmer was too strong.
The dream of freedom too much.
The smell of nature overpowered you,
and I understand that much.
I may never understand you completely,
but I understand what we had.
You loved no one but me,
That was plain to see,
and to me you were never bad.

I don't blame you for leaving,
I don't blame you for not coming back.
I understand the call of nature,
I understand your need to be free.
If I had one wish it would not be to stifle that glint in your eye.
If I had one wish in the world, I wish I could tell you goodbye.

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