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A Magician's Discomforts

I sat in the darkness waiting,
Crouching with my knees under my chin.
It was almost our turn to show the trick,
I could hardly conceal my grin.

Billy was probably nervous,
He had the vital part.
He quickly gave the indication,
The trick was about to start!

Whoa! I was being lifted!
I was laid on the table’s intricate veneer.
Billy’s voice was a whisper in the noisy din,
Was that my signal? I couldn’t hear!

I knew that Billy was doing the talking,
I squatted in my hiding spot,
Boy, it was getting warm in here,
This black material was really hot.

My back was growing a puddle of sweat,
My shirt felt way too tight.
The smell was truly noisome,
Not to mention the nauseating height!

“….ABRACADABRA!” That was it!
My cue to spring out of my hiding place!
I jumped out of the magic hat,
A smile plastered on my face.

The audience was galvanized,
I watched their surprise grow.
They scratched their heads and wondered,
“Where did the bunny go?”

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