Where does the Wind blow

June 23, 2011
"Where does the wind blow?" Eva yelled out to Edward at the top of her lungs, running around the field full of lustful flowers.
To feel them kiss her feet as she stepped upon them made her smile and stop running.
Edward stopped next to her and smiled taking her hand standing behind Eva.
"The wind blows because they know what you want to feel, wind can have passions of,love, anger, happy,sad." Edward whispered in Eva's ear, she turned around quickly.
"Edward, who are they?" Eva asked quickly looking into his beautiful eyes with the passion to fill her with tears.
"Well, it comes from your guardian angel, trying to tell you to stop and take the time to see whats around you, not just look." Edward kissed her cheeks softly as she smiled.
"Edward, I think your right." Eva pulled her down to her and kissed him passionately just as the wind picked up.
Edward pulled away and laughed. "I love you." He smiled.
"Ditto." Eva smiled.
Sandra called. " Time for dinner!"
They both began laughing.

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