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In the depths of emptiness in all in nothing
Here be a Flame in dimensions of three
This where One kept all light and all time
Who dare walk where the Great I Am be?

Where was the Light when the darkness did fall?
Where were Three Flames when the stars were no more?
Who was the Power controlling it all?
Where then was the Flame to keep Heaven’s door?

And when the hinges hold closed the frail Ever After
Burst forth with no mercy and let the rain fall
Who cradled the lightning? Was thunder’s Master?
Whose lips spilled the music? And issued its call?

When the rain lost its hunger, grew too thin and too frail
When dead were the sand houses, not matched with rocks will
What Power breathed to stop the torrents and hail?
Whose anger abated with “Peace be still”?

Was it the Flame at the last hour falling low in the purple sky?
The Three Whose jealousy captivated the world with their Grace?
From this sight was derived laughter? Movements of dance?
The things of understanding to gaze upon Flame’s face?

By Whose power can it be to breathe life into the day?
Whose chariot did streak the sun across the morning sky?
Did the Flame spark the light by which we see no other way?
By whose Power do we ask the questions of where when and why?

Who glimpses the long-suffering and weak humanity?
What Timeless Grace lets tears stain faces and fall?
Could it be Flame Who gives the glimpse into eternity?
What could still our hearts and grant Peace to us all?

“Here there be Tygers”?, “Here there be Bears”?
Here there be a One to stroke and handle our cares
What Power sees the loss of the world from abroad?
And Who dare walk where the Prince of Peace Trod?

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