To Bring Him Home

June 16, 2011
She lays there
In the sand,
Wondering where
Her lover stands.

Waves crash,
On the beach,
And she feels the gash
They left to teach

Her a lesson
she would rather forget.
They left her guessing,
About the man she had met

Years before
On the rocks of a cliff,
Thinking for sure,
Up she he would lift.

But now here she lies
One hip in the air,
Tears in her eyes,
Feeling her heart tear.

She wonders why
They made him leave her,
Without a goodbye,
Giving for the sadness no cure.

She knew he would not choose to go,
But they told him he should,
And away he they did tow.
She wishes that

The pain would subside.
Her soul an empty vat,
With in no one to confide.
The secrets he told,

Penned her away.
But the words out which he doled,
Had not made him stay.
Why they kept her here,

Far away from the rest,
Only added to her fear,
And filled her with regret.

She had never dreamed
The man she met long ago,
Would be not what he seemed,
As he stood there in the sun's glow.

He had warned
Her of the danger
Of the others scorned
By those who were.

She had listened,
But had not cared,
She had paid attention,
But she had not shared

In the peril he spoke ofk,
So she worried not,
And so rew her love,
Waned her ill thought.

But when he disappeared
Into hte night,
She wished she had feared
And forseen his flight.

Now she has run out of options,
Made all her choices,
So she enacts adoption
Of the foregin voices

She hears in her head,
Telling her what she should do,
Where she should tread,
To find the man who fled.

She forsees the darkness,
Along the path ahead.
She prays only for calmness
Through her to spread

When finally,
She meets his taker,
And brings the delegacy
Home to its maker.

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