the way it is

May 18, 2011
The world doesn’t revolve around you,
Trust me I know,
I learned that the hard way too,
My mind is so bright it seems to glow.

I love the way it is,
You may not think I do,
But I think you need to stay out of my biz,
And you did this while I knew.

The way it is, is how it will stay,
I may not know you but I know me,
For you I will pray,
I guess I’m learning it true G.

I have a life,
So do you,
I maybe nice,
But I can also be rude.

My way aint the way it goes,
I know that now more than ever,
I just know he knows,
I wont be sure forever.

Please give me the chance,
To live the way I want,
I may not get that dance,
But this whole thing seems like a taunt.

This whole time I felt,
Like it was the truth,
Now you know how much I melt,
When you made me silly as a goose.

But it was a lie,
And you know I’m done,
Now I say goodbye,
And you go and run,

You turn back around,
You yell to say,
That it was I who was crowned,
King for a day,

I think it’s a lie,
Your words seem so wrong,
But I’ve seen that face cry,
And I want it to be strong,

I don’t believe you like I did before,
But you understand why,
I know you are not a store,
Your love I don’t buy,

It seems too fake,
You know I want it to be true,
Love isn’t filled with snakes,
But honesty through and through,

I want you here with me,
So you can see my tears,
I wish I could be free,
And now my life is ran by fears,

This poem is very long,
I wrote it for you so please read,
It means a lot,
But its not lies I feed,

I tell you the truth,
Whenever I can,
But who knows if the truce,
Will really hit the fan,

I told you I loved you how many times,
And I meant it the same amount,
I know that this poems has many different rhymes,
But now I have lost count,
My love for you has never stopped,
But you have moved on how many times?
And my heart isn’t ready to be cropped,
And traded for dimes,

I would still love you even if you left,
But you wouldn’t come back to me,
You stole my heart you theft,
How do you plea?

In court it’s guilty or innocent,
I know the judge well,
And now you must repent,
Or go through my hell,

My blood marks our love,
When it is spilled so is my pain,
When it needs a shove,
My body will lay lifeless in the rain.

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Jonyhair said...
Feb. 14, 2012 at 3:15 pm
This is a great poem. Very true
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