Lament of the Shell

May 17, 2011
One crooked claw, then the next, he raises from the sand. A solid routine for unsteady arms, one angry little man. Why he fusses is beyond me, I hear his noise over the sea. In between his rants and raves, are coherent words mark my grave. His life is not and easy path, quite the contrary as a matter of fact. He sees the end, he knows the place, yet his legs refuse to take him straight. He’s a bitter man, his spirits are low and that is why he grumbles so.

Down from the sky, a streamlined fury, running out of time, always in a hurry. She squawks and flaps and flails around, always searching from sky or ground. What is she looking for? Not the slightest of clue. Anything, just anything to impress me and you. Snatch it up and fly for a while, until that thing goes out of style. Always wanting something new, what she has will never do. Her life is drowning her in woe, and that is why she worries so.

Quickly swimming side to side. Darting, dodging, hiding. Different? Never. If you watch the uniform is blinding. He has friends, a group, a family, don’t separate you know. For if you go, it will be your demise. Stop listening to the lies! Always shifting, always going, where will he hide next? He has no answer, he doesn’t know, his mind is quite perplexed. Never time to stop and breathe, always go, go, go. His life is passing him right by and that is why he panics so.

Why I ask, why do they stress? Their problems are so small, they have so much potential, yet they cause themselves to fall. These issues are of little value, so please realize while you can. I cannot grumble, worry or complain for that’s not what I am. I lie and wait for others to control my destiny. Where I go and who I see is never up to me. I wash away, I roll back in, the tides they never stop. “Will I be here another day?”, is just an empty thought. Time goes by without me, and although the end is near, I wish for just one day I could experience their fear.

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