January 19, 2008
You are a sunset
on a motionless, breathless
evening. You glow, swirl, rise,
project, plunge. I wish
I could part your bright hues
like thin smoke with a wave
of my hand and expose
the smiling eyes of the entity/
deity watching the world
closely like it's a slow vine creeping
out into the universe
and wrapping around stars and dark
matter. His flashing irises
and wide pupils would reveal
all of your precious secrets
that are as treasured as opals.
I would read you like a history
book and rewrite your plot. I might paint
on your thin pages with cool colors
like freezing violet and frigid blue.
I would create breathtaking art.
Then, I could finally love you. I find
it hard to do so now, but I could. I would.

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