Once Upon a Time

February 22, 2011
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In the twilight hours
I wait for you.
Watching from the tallest tower,
eyes damp like grass' dew.
As sure as the sun will rise,
I will be here waiting,
the silence breaks from my cries,
I am the fish always taking the baiting.
My heart is a forest ablaze,
you hold the match that ignited the flame.
I am stuck in an endless maze,
led me down the wrong path it is you who's to blame.
My extreme obsession,
waiting for someone who never was there,
driving me deeper into depression,
someone who never truly cared.
You'll never come back, apologize,
tell me you love me,
admit all your lies.
Yet of this torture I am not free.
For I still believe, its destiny
you'll come back to me,
so waiting here I'll be.

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