Our Pledge: Thy Name is Not a War Game

March 3, 2011
Hands on our hearts and sights set on red white and blue,
Each day we pledge allegiance to the freedoms America holds true.
The young, the old, the rich and poor, a melting pot churning -
Our differences do not matter as we stand together, yearning,
For chasing our dreams in a way so united.
Hands on our hearts and the pledge’s immortal words recited,
Do we all truly know what is meant when we say;
Our loyalties and liberties lie in the US of A?

A bond unbreakable and justice unmistakable,
This short oath is but a sneak-peek to the main event:
None other than the Bill of Rights, a revolutionary document.
Listing our rights and declaring them law,
Our unconditional freedom leaves the world outside in awe.
A country of legends ever since 1493,
The American Dream allows any citizen to practice what they believe.

The First Amendment, in fact, states that our thoughts are our choice!
Free will and spirituality gives every religion a voice.
Keeping our privileges in mind I will declare that in a country “Under God”,
It is immoral that the very mention of His name
has been proclaimed ‘unconstitutional’ and odd.
How can these two words be an ‘endorsement of faith’ and prohibited,
If it is simply for expressing how our choices of devotion are unlimited?

This rigidity between church and state has been an alarming progression,
Soon will just muttering “God” be considered transgression?
Hand on your heart and your feet planted on the floor,
The words embedded in a million souls may soon not be allowed anymore.
Little by little, the nation is taking its seat -
In opposition to a symbol born only to make us complete.

You may be filled with anger, muttering the words off your tongue,
Feel alienated if in a room you are the only one -
But Brother, the least you can do is stand -
To pay homage, not to some religion’s holy man,
But a concept that echoes harmony throughout our great land.

Maybe, just maybe, we can speak on to the pledge’s very last phrase,
That rings freedom and justice eternal regardless of how one prays.
Maybe instead of buying, and dieting, and fighting and cussing,
We can put forth our spirit towards so much more
Rather than making something out of nothing.

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