HIding in this space I find

November 13, 2007
HIding in this space I find
That I'm simply lost in time
Waiting for a love to come
Even though I've come undone
To hate To love
It all seems the same
Mabey now he'll scream my name
After it's all said and done
She'll be gone 'cause I'm the one
But while i wait in this hell
Time stands still until farewell
I'm fading for now while Waiting for then
Mabey just Mabey I might win
For just the to hear that voice again
I'm so close, I'm just about there
Then what do I feel but a tug on my hair
I wonder Who could it be
I turn to glance, just to see
It was not him, It was only a friend
How are you here I asked him softly
I'm looking for you he replied with a wisper
And so now as we leave this small faint space
It's as if I no longer hide my face

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