Mesmerizing Voice

November 6, 2010
By Anonymous

A beat that can't be bought
A feeling can't be taught
But I have learned
From lights that burned
And melted full from all our lives
A revolution thirty times
Hanging from a thread
I linger on above your head
Pull me down from this high place
Tattoo a smile on your face
Take some photos, send them here
So I can recall in later years
The things we cried
The pain that died
Isn't it against the law
To see the colors that we saw
With a little help, you strike a pose
I drugged you up with this high dose
Of jagged pills that I call laughter
You take a few and feel it after
After all is said and done
And the party that we fought is won
We'll go back to our beds at home
And sleep to kill the busy tone
Of empty lives and monotone

The author's comments:
A night with friends = better than drugs, higher than high. Alive.

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