The point of no return

November 6, 2007
Daddy daddy,
tell me that he’s not the one for me,
tell me that he doesn’t make my heart flutter...
like a butterfly in a breeze
tell me that he doesn’t wracks my thoughts...
like a little boat in a whirlwind of a maelstrom...
tell me that I don’t love him,
please please!

hug me daddy, love me daddy,
anything to get away from this pain.
I can’t sleep daddy,
I want to scream daddy,
Daddy daddy help me help me

I cant forget, daddy
Those hidden kisses,
Tender words and soft touches,
Echo soundly within my core.
Screaming, pleading to turn back,
Towards the point of no return.

Save me daddy,
Erase these memories
Pent up emotions
Wretched hopes...
Save me from his smile
His laughter, his strong embrace.

Hold on to me tight daddy
Tighter, tighter,
Away from his siren grasp
Away from his mesmerizing sight.

Daddy, daddy,
Promise to shelter me
Tuck me safely away in your arms
Steer me away
Far far away…
From the point of no return…

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