Musical Unity

September 8, 2010
By , North Vancouver, Canada
My day – much like the rest of my week – was extremely stressful and busy. I barely had a moment to spare! As I was running to take my brothers to a soccer game before I started heading towards my book club, I heard some music being played. It was loud, and dragged me in. I was curious; who was playing this fun-filled music? I approached the sound hurriedly and saw in front of me about a dozen people surrounding a single, wooden bench. There, a man sat playing an accordion. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and appeared much like everyone else, but he wore a brilliant grin on his face. The smile was so luminous that it reached from his lips all the way into his eyes, creating a slight sparkle. Through this incandescent shine in his eyes, it was clear that his feelings toward his music and enjoyment were sincere.

I now realized that my two brothers had caught up to me, and were mesmerized by the accordion player. Even the small infant who was crying in her father’s arms settled down the moment that the melody was in the air. Her mother looked over her, staring in awe. I myself found the music so soothing that it even enabled my clenched to let loose, and suddenly, all of my stress and anxiety was gone. How was it possible that such a simple tune could captivate the hearts of so many people – all of different shapes and sizes – and unite us all in thinking the same thing; music is the magic that ties our hearts together.

Standing there at that moment, I looked around and observed the accordion player and everyone else around me. The musician himself didn’t seem to notice the true effect his music had on his fellow people. He was only aware that the sound of the composition brought a smile across the lips of his audience, and so he kept playing. As for the rest of us standing there, we were so different, yet this incredible harmony provided us all with a common thought. Did this mean we were partly the same? Did we all feel the same way when we heard a melody being played, or did we visualize different images? Either way, we all paused and took a minute to think, listen, enjoy, and really appreciate the sound of music, and what it does for us. We were all united – attached – by a string of notes with no specific meaning, yet they meant so much to us all.

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