Transparent Veil

September 24, 2010
My uncle wobbles in through the doorframe
He pain tucked far away from his sleeve,
His Richard Gere smile can't hide his maim.
I can see the brightness of his face dimming
With every step

Through is cries I can hear the pain named Cancer clawing at his hip
And watch the pain dancing in his eyes;
A hidden scream lies disguised as a smile on his lips
It was only a matter of time until the curtain of truth would arise.

What used to be known only by him,
An untouchable Secret
Now spills out through every cell--
Unlikely to ever retreat
He was unknowingly wearing a
Transparent Veil.

Over the next few days he revealed more and more of his pain
The memory leaves an irreversible stain
Within a weak it was ragged and torn.

His mind failed him once or twice
But still, there was love in each word he spoke.
I try not to mind, just being with him is nice
Even though the word
I love you, Kid
Are only a croak.

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