May 31, 2008
By Romana PLATINUM, Bethel, Connecticut
Romana PLATINUM, Bethel, Connecticut
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Leadership is an essential, special quality
Not found in all.
Leadership is being an authority
Without being bossy.
Leadership is listening to others and considering, pondering their ideas,
Not only your own.
Leadership is accepting that you can be wrong,
That someone else can be right for a change.
Leadership is knowing, sensing what to do
When no one else does.
Leadership is found in many figures scattered through time
And space; Mahatma Gandhi, among others.
Leadership means accepting others
And learning how to use their differences to help everyone.
Leadership means doing what is right, working for the common good,
And telling others to do the same.
Leadership is found in individuals who care
And want to make you care too.
Leadership is found in people with a cause that is burning within them:
A passion, a desire, a will.
Leadership is not giving up
Even when the whole wide world seems to turn against you.
Leadership is inspiring others to do what is right
And living by the same principles.
Leadership is possessed by persons
Who are strong and powerful in their own way.
Leadership is a quality of importance
That makes the whole world go round.

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