October 21, 2007
You were my heart, my soul
my lover, and my friend
when my heart was broken
you were there to help it mend
but now we're not talkin'
and I'm so hurt inside
the memories all come back
when I sit back and cry,

You were the one that i ran to
b/c I knew in my time of need
I could count on you, but
we've moved on and we said our goodbyes
now all i can do,
is sit back and cry
tears flow down so quickly now days
I can't believe you walked away
I thought for sure you'd always stay,
but now all i have left is this misery
thanks to my pride, i couldn't ask u to come back to me,
a part of me has shriveled up and died,
now even though your no longer in my life
i can't help but to sit back and cry

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