Where is the Peace?

May 17, 2010
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They say
To the petrified opinion
Never once freed a human soul
Or broke a human chain
And it never will

Our loyalty
To our poverty
Stricken opinions
Will certainly
Be the creator
Of psychological demons and minions

The human spirit lives free
Unlike you and me
We pray for peace
For a piece
Of freedom
Not only in the states of America
But the whole worlds’ kingdom

Wars do not help
They only melt
The cause and hope
Cause us
To mope
And only
For the answers
Not put in effort
To support

The lack of effort
Is spreading like cancer
Dancing like a mad tap dancer
The corruption
Is a volcanic eruption
That prevents
Loss of identity
What is good and right
What breaks human chains
Shines light
On the shattered remains
Frees souls
Fills in the dark holes

Where is the peace
Where is the missing piece
To our forsaken tranquility
That will insure stability
On all levels
To avoid the devil’s
Where is the piece
Where is it

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