Time To Part

October 11, 2007
He's buried in his grave,
Without a word to say,
bloodless in his box,
with his conscience gone astray.

Mourners stand in silence,
The fresh,new,fragrant scent of roses now leaves me broken hearted,
And not yet ready to be,

The beaten path he once ambled on,
He now settles under,
When people come and visit him they always look down and seem to wonder.

But I'll keep looking up like I always did and always will,
Without a frowning gaze or a cheesy smile,
I'll just look up for a little while.

I savor his essence surrounding me,
While my eyes are sealed,
Just for a few seconds,
Only him I can see.

His mellow air,
His goofy smile,
Standing in front of the fireplace,
Remember when he could run that mile?,
Beat us all,
And never fall.

I'll love you always,
And never forget,
That place in my heart,
will always be kept.

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