May 20, 2008
You said you would change
You said that you were different than before
I changed for you, you stayed the same.

I loved you,
You didn’t love me the same way
I gave you everything,
You gave me nothing at all

You left me out alone, on the streets all alone
I still loved you, but you never cared
To me it’s another broken heart
It’s just another trophy for you
How did I make it though, after I lost you?

Every day goes by with you on my mind
I see your face in every class I take
I want to forget you, but I’ll never forgive you
You’re stuck in my head never to leave again

You promised changes for the better
I say changed for the worse
Do you still love me? Cause I heard you don’t.
I know you said you did, but how do you expect me to believe you?
You said you want me back, but I’m not falling for you again

Differences, What are they?
Is it a way to say you changed your looks or ways?
Is it a way of saying I still love you, cause I don’t believe a thing
Or is it a way of saying you hate me
You never changed your ways.

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