fighting with fault

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

metamorphic cyanide
and crystal's dangerous fire side
medicinal craft of the wars
blinding blisters,feel the sore
air-tight lifeless entity
belonging to her memory
simply strapped to my gurney
living to take from this journey


cyanide injection
let me feel the sting
suicidal extacy
let me cease to breathe
worried for infection
let me cease to be
dying from the drug in me
ive ceased to believe

chorus end

controlling thoughts on the inside
and contagious dangerous highs
fishnet lullabies of lies
remember me for selfish fights
bringing back the melody
and filling black inside my brain
drink the oead straight from my hands
let us sink into the sand

chorus repeat.

for a world that wouldnt let us be
for a girl that wouldnt let me in
for a boy in thirsting misery
for the void that cannot win

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