We Are.

May 13, 2008
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I’m one of them.
You’ve surely seen us.
We’re wherever time itself carries us,
Be it an alleyway or empty sidewalk,

Go ahead and stare.
Though you’ve seen us,
All that’s in your eyes is humans disguised in burden.
You can’t look past it.
Who are we ?

I’m one of them.
You’ve surely seen us,
Raising scraps of cardboard, towards the blue pristine sky,
On the side of the begrimed road.
Yet you cease to realise,

Fate brought us here, not choice.
Those many pieces of cardboard, they aren’t as simple as they seem.
Those are last chances back into the door of society.
Who are we ?

I’m one of them.
You’ve surely seen us,
With wide, glistening eyes in the blanket of night,
Gazing up at the world of opportunity above waiting.
Each pair of eyes close,

Slowly but surely.
Vivid dreams commence, each one of a society brimming with equality and heart.
In our case, ‘doing something about this’ is out of the question.
But wishing isn’t.
Who are we ?
The homeless.

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AconiteDelirium said...
Jun. 18, 2013 at 10:36 pm
This is beautiful and so sad!!!
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