Always the one and only, Always different people

January 6, 2010
By AmaamZ SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
AmaamZ SILVER, Fairfield, Connecticut
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you say you love him
that he is your soulmate
that you belong together
that it was love at first sight

you say that everyday
you say that every year

every year its always a different person

you love with all your heart
you love with all you've got
you love too much

your "one and only"
has other one and onlys'
your "one and only"
doesnt love you

one day your TRUE one and only will find you

you will be THERE one and only

The author's comments:
everyone looks for their one and only, but only once in a life time do people actually meet them. You just have to be open enough to find them. i think this applies to everyone no matter who or where you are

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