Michael Chin

October 13, 2009
By , Maple Ridge, Canada
Please stay here with me
Stand beside me and hold my hand
Time is passing by so fast
So lets try to make this moment last

Our conversations are effortless
With you, everything fits in place
From grey to gold you lighten up my day
And always manage to put a smile on my face

My cheeks burn up whenever I see you
My stomach drops like i'm on a ride
My heart starts to ache and cry for your love
Because for me friendship just isn't enough

I don't know what to do so ill just wait
But there's only so much pain my heart can take
Love has hit me pretty hard
And as I fall I don't seem to go far

I'm stuck in this motion and am trying to pull out
But taking a risk just fills me with doubt
I'm scared to say the words and not here them back
So i'll push the thoughts away and let them fade to black

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