those nights

October 2, 2009
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Summer days & nights
Summer love they call it
But you weren’t just some little fling
You were way more
Funny thing is at first I wasn’t even going give you a chance but you changed all of that
You impressed me by your musically talented skills especially being a man that could express his feelings and everyone would understand the pain and experiences you encountered
Next thing you know we would be singing your songs
When you asked for just 5 minutes of my time the world changed
When we hugged and you kissed me the only thing on my mind was the thought of that last kiss
my heart felt as i was floating on a cloud
my heart beated like i had an for mils and miles ad the rush would never stop
i felt like i was the son and i would never stop shinning i didnteven want the moon to enter the sky and become night
thought about spending forrer in your arms replayed in my mind
Talking on the phone right after we left each other then you decided you just had to be with me
Sitting outside watching the stars in the sky
& getting bit up by mosquitoes hearing me complain every 3 seconds
Then shortly after the sun shined as bright as the day began as the rest of the world woke we finally departed and went to sleep each of us thinking of where we go from here
That night sitting on your lap telling you the deepest pain in my heart and you doing the same I knew that regardless of what happened to us nothing or no one could ever stop the love that was formed between us when that first tear rolled down my eyes
Looking in your eyes my heart had felt a connection
You didn’t even have to tell me anything because after looking in your eyes I already knew
That pain and loneliness had almost consumed you but it didn’t
Love was the only thing missing from your life and once you really found that one person that truly loved you beyond a matter of doubt your life would be ok
Pass the money, cars, clothes and all the material things love would be the one thing that made it worth getting up each day and having something to live for
Missing all your kisses as I tried to grasp the last taste of your lips as we kissed and our heart beats became one
Now that we’ve been temporarily separated I’m going crazy
Thinking why would God do this to me
Waiting for that day you would come back to me
Now only thing I do is let you know I love you
And forever aint enough

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